Site Updates

2024/05/27: Created Beastfall tracker and updated list of random pages for "wander" option on bottom of pages

2024/05/26: Updated the demon huntress cosplay log

2024/05/25: Updated the the cosplay page with Project Voltage/Ground Miku

2024/04/05: Updated the demon huntress cosplay log

2024/03/12: Added the pixel dollhouse page and updated the demon huntress cosplay log

2024/03/04: Added more dragons to the adopts page

2024/03/02: Added log for creating my Demon Huntress cosplay

2024/03/02: Added more links cut here

2024/02/19: Fixed a critical bug on the dragon nest page - the game should actually work now lol

2024/02/14: Created the dragon nest page

2024/01/30: Created the unicorn adopts page, and reorganized the adoptables pages

2024/01/27: Fixed contrast on and added alt text to all pages + make site navigable by tabbing + add semantic html tags + all text can be enlarged up to 200%

2024/01/25: Added blog page

2024/01/22: Added quiz results to the about page and added more sites to links

2024/01/17: Added new adopts and links

2024/01/14: Added new adopts

2024/01/13: Created favicon

2024/01/12: Created the adopts page

2024/01/07: Created the links page

2024/01/07: Created the about page

2024/01/02: Created the bookshelf page

2024/01/02: Created the project graveyard page

2024/01/02: Created the petsite shenanigans page

2024/01/02: Created the cosplay & crafts page

2024/01/01: Created the BJD page

2024/01/01: Created the record book page

2023/12/30: Created the character design page

2023/12/30: Created the games page

2023/12/30: Created the comics page

2023/12/16: Starting working on this