Miku cosplayer sitting on the ground in front of a tropical background, holding a Trapinch.
Two Project Voltage Miku cosplayers (ground and dark) facing off in a battle, with fire effects.

Project Voltage is such a cool idea, and I'm so glad I got to cosplay designs from it with xingkari! My favorite AND least favorite part was the wig- I'm super proud of the solution I came up with to keep her buns, pigtails, and bandanna easy to wear (they are all attached to a single headband that I can put on/take off easily throughout the day), but it was SO heavy. Kudos to all Miku and Sailor Moon cosplayers out there who deal with giant twintails...

Trapinch was sadly lost during Anime Boston.... I saw other cosplayers carrying around a Trapinch plushie right before we left, so I can only hope they found him and he's leading a happy life with another nerd...byebye buddy...

Credits: Photographer is @ubevisuals and dark Miku is @xingkari.jpeg

Debut date: February 2024

Qifrey and Olruggio cosplayers looking at Brushbug on a tree
Qifrey and Olruggio cosplayers sitting back to back
Qifrey and Olruggio cosplayers sitting in front of a stained glass window
Qifrey cosplayer looking off to the side

Qifrey from Witch Hat Atelier! He was super fun to make and cosplay as a group with @xingkari.jpeg. He was also the first cosplay I got profressional photos in, which was a super cool experience and definitely something I'd like to do again.

Credits: Photos are by @karamelphotography, Olruggio is @xingkari.jpeg

Debut date: July 2023

Marcille cosplayer looking through the ring on her staff
Marcille cosplayer reading a book

Marcille from Dungeon Meshi is one of my favorite characters of all time, and I started this cosplay right when her dungeon lord chapter came out! Despite it looking simple, this cosplay was super challenging to make- learning how to sew faux fur, my sewing machine not being able to sew through the dress so hand-sewed most of it, and figuring out how to make my face look good with blonde hair. The hardest thing was the staff- it was originally made with PVC pipes and foam for the top but that kept breaking off during the con, so now the top has a 3d printed base that is a little sturdier. I am super happy with how the rope came out to mimic her woven staff though!

Credits: Photos are by @xingkari.jpeg

Debut date: February 2023

Person in a doll mask sitting on a bench
Person in a doll mask sitting on a bench
Person in a doll mask in gothic lolita, with a witch hat
Person in a doll mask standing at a bridge

This cosplay is of an original character I just call "Maskface" in my head. I got super interested in animegao kigurumi in 2022 along with dolls. It was somehow super affirming to me to wear a monstergirl face, and I try to take her out to most cons to get a chance to walk around as her. I like the doll/bjd-face look more than the anime masks that are easier to find (on the English web at least), so I'd love to make my own one day!

Credits: The mask was purchased from Gurgle Love on Taobao. The faceup and brown wig were made by me, the silver wig was purchased from Gurgle Love. Photos are by @xingkari.jpeg

Debut date: July 2022