You look up at the gallery wall in the office.

Pixelart of a victorian manor with muted colors. It is bordered with a gold frame.

About the website

What is this website for?

  • Project documentation: I make a lot of stuff! My art and hobbies are big parts of my identity and how I spend my life, and recording them on this site is akin to having a photo album of memories and portfolio wrapped up in one. Plus, a bunch of these projects are potentially at risk of being lost (whether it's cosplay items being lost or broken in moves or art purely hosted on social media or hidden in petsite forums). Having a single place as a directory serves to make them easier to find and a hopefully more secure home.
  • My playground on the web: I originally wrote "my home on the web" but "playground" is better. I want my site to feel like a physical location you can come in and explore. But rather than just being a home base for my art, I hope I can use it as an art piece itself. I want to play around and experiment with websites as a medium and create fun experiences for viewers!

What are my guidelines for creating this site?

  • Mobile compatibility: 99% of the time I'm on the internet, I'm on my phone. Therefore, I want this site to be equally as usable on mobile.
  • Post for an audience (even if just an audience of me): As someone who grew up making for social media consumption and external validation only, I've been slowly trying to divorce myself from this mindset and creating art I find meaningful, not just art that gets attention. While this rule seems contradictory to that goal, it is meant to enforce that I don't post art unless it benefits from being public. This means I can continue to create personal art without expecting anyone else will see it, and spend more time figuring out how to present projects to a viewer so it's meaningful to them. Also- "me in the future, who wants to see what I was like a couple years ago" is a valid audience.
  • Have fun!: The previous rule sounds so serious, but in the end this is a site I'm making for fun! I want everything I make on here to be fun to make or teach me something new - otherwise, I have other ways I can spend my time.

You can link back to me with this button and code! Please host the image on your own server.

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Pixelart of a painting of a woman in a green medieval dress. The face is blocked by a fantasy creature that looks like a long red cat with four eyes, the site's mascot.

About me

Names: goblincat, goblin, amet

Pronouns: she/her

neocities profile / tumblr (art, reblogs) / instagram (cosplay and dolls) / itch.io (games) / twitter (inactive, art)

According to the Google Arts and Culture app, I look like this background character:

A screenshot of the Google Arts and Culture game that matches faces to paintings. The photo on the left is blocked out, and the photo on the right is a zoom in of a woman in a painting
The painting 'The Third Generation' by He Duoling and Ai Xuan. A features a crowd of Asian people looking at the camera.

According to me, I look like this (credits for all picrews in links):

A cartoon image with a link to a Picrew
A cartoon image with a link to a Picrew
A cartoon image with a link to a Picrew
A cartoon image with a link to a Picrew
A cartoon image with a link to a Picrew
A cartoon image with a link to a Picrew

Personality Quiz Results

Personality quiz result for a Pokemon type quiz. The result is Grass Personality quiz result for a Pokemon quiz. The result is Togetic