Profile picture of a ball jointed doll

Name: Lark
Pronouns: She/her
Date: April 5, 2022
Pronouns: She/her
Credits: Sculpt is Alternate Polaris Bjd by black.hole.entropy
Lark is a human girl who wandered into a fairy realm. She loves fashion and dresses in a variety of styles. Her companion is a white rabbit.
This girl is my first doll- 1/3 3d printed (yes I know, she used a lot of resin) with no modifications to the sculpt. I learned a LOT making her and her wardrobe (How to string a doll! How to clean MSC off a window! How hand sewing doll clothes is a pain even if they're small!) I posted about her early creation/progress on this Den of Angels thread.

Lark wearing an outfit of red, black leather, and jeans
Lark wewaring a cottagecore yellow top
Blank doll with no eyes, wig, makeup, etc
Profile picture of a purple ball jointed doll with a unicorn horn

Name: Elsinore
Pronouns: She/her
Date: April 21, 2022
Pronouns: She/her
Credits: Sculpt is Alternate Polaris Bjd by black.hole.entropy. Horn is this model.
Elsinore is an immortal unicorn. She's calm, mysterious, and is Lark's guide and big sister figure in the fairy realm. Her companion is a green dragon.
I went into Elsinore wanting to modify Polaris a bit after learning a lot from Lark. She's now 1/4 (lighter and easier posing), has purple skin whose color I mixed myself (and is way easier to photograph than white skin), slightly different expression, shorter proportions (shortened legs), has a unicorn horn, and a hole in her chest I stuck flowers and a 3d printed sword in sometimes for photoshoots. I am so delighted with how she came out!

to the unicorn meadow
Elsinore wearing a white top and blue skirt
Elsinore without a wig, wearing a pink dress and veil
A blank Elsinore (no wig, eyes, makeup, clothes) with a resin sword and flowers in her chest
A doll wearing black leather with black bat wings

Name: Trinity
Pronouns: She/her
Date: July 20, 2022
Pronouns: She/her
Credits: Wig is by Dollecette.
Trinity is a mischevious and somewhat cranky imp who accompanies Lark on her journey. She was given Elsinore's sword to wield.
Trinity is the first doll I sculpted myself! She's 1/6 (with non-standard proportions hence the custom wig and homemade eyes), and was built around the fact that I 1) wanted a doll that could at least somewhat stand up, at the expense of posability and 2) wanted her to have four wings!

Trinity sitting and holding a resin sword
Closeup of Trinity's goth makeup
A blank grey doll standing on a table
A green ball jointed dragon

Name: Currently unnamed
Date: June 23, 2023
Credits: The Braq model on Thingiverse
Notes: Completely 3d printed and painted by me. This is actually the third time I attempted to print Braq- first in 2019 when I was super new to 3d printing and thought shrinking down a bjd model without widening it's strining channels was an idea that made sense, second in 2021-ish when I just lost steam since it has so many parts, and now finally a success!

A chibi centaur doll

Name: Currently unnamed
Date: December 26, 2023
Notes: My only purchased doll! She's from the Penny's Box "Dreamlike Tea Party" series, and is a doll I've wanted ever since I laid my eyes on her. I got two boxes (one for a friend) for Christmas, and we both got exactly the one we wanted :)