You notice outside the window a hidden walled garden. Climbing through, you find a table with chairs, set up with various games to pass the time.

This page houses the games and programming experiments I'm most proud of. You can see more on my

'Grandma's Spellbook', a puzzle game centered around Chinese words.

grandma's spellbook / 2024

A puzzle game partly about learning Chinese and mostly about having fun with words! Made for Into the Game Jam.

Tarot app, hosted on Glitch

daily tarot / 2021

A lite tarot app for past/present/future spreads.

Imposter Syndrome Game, hosted on

Imposter Syndrome / 2020

A puzzle game about surviving a martian school without being found out as a human.

Turnip Time game, hosted on Glitch

Turnip Time / 2020

A Dappervolk fan game. A multiplayer idle game that lets the community choose between two NPCs. Made to experiment with Phaser 3 and to interact with the DV community I was very immersed in during the pandemic.

Ophelia's Bag game, hosted on

Ophelia's Bag/ 2020

An interactive doodle to explore my Dappervolk character.

Cat Cafe game, hosted on

Cat Cafe/ 2020

An idle game about running a cat cafe. One of the many projects I made in the month between graduation and the start of my first job (which was also at the beginning of the pandemic, rip). An ode to a pet adoption game I used to play on girlsgogames, which I never found again after the 2010s but had the same "get an animal, name it, find it a home" mechanic.

Butterfly Breeder game, hosted on

Butterfly Breeder/ 2020

A relaxing game about combining butterflies. Stripped down my favorite Flight Rising mechanic and indulged my love of gatcha - all I want to do is put two things together and see what the random result is!
Another game made post-graduation, pre-job.

Mother Bird game, hosted on

Mother Bird / 2020

RPG-style game about raising a kid and balancing the need to keep give them the life experience to live on their own vs the need to keep them safe. Made for a class final in a haze right after the beginning of the COVID lockdown.

What Animal Are You? / 2020

A personality test in Picrew format, made for a school project to design a game within a game. I never get tired of filling out personality quizzes and picrews and comparing results with friends. Both touch the same joy and one of the main appeal of games for me: self-expression.