You find a table with a giant map laid on it and various locations marked out with pins.

Here's where I store links to interesting places on the web! A mix of links I want to remember and sites I think will be useful to other people. These entries are in no particular order

Fun & Interesting

Link Notes
Cloudhiker Find random interesting websites-A lot of the sites in this category are from Cloudhiker sessions
The Cave of Dragonflies Fav site since I was literally a child and still check in on. Pokemon news, info, activities, fic, etc.
Larsdatter Links to images, descriptions, and museum artifacts relating to medieval and renaissance material culture. Extremely useful for visual research for comics, character design, etc. Super well organized.
DWuser: Lightbox Effect Code I used to add a lightbox effect to some parts of this site
ImageMapper Tool to make responsive image maps (used on homepage of this site)
r/MoneyDiariesACTIVE yes I know this is a link to reddit, but this is one of the subs I check daily and has been a great resource for learning about personal finance
Ship of Theseus neat robot dressup game, nudity
Miniature Calendar Really cool art project, a new miniature diorama every day cool art project The Deep Sea Great storytelling through interactivity
IDEA neat visualizations
The First Four Years of Glitch Interesting article about a tool I use a lot to make games
Rite House Art project about daily rituals
When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number Super fun read
Nested One of my fav games
R74n A variety of games and projects
Gossip's Web Link directory
Hundred Rabbits Site about living off the grid on a boat- contains info about the webmasters' life at sea, logistics, art, etc
Slaying the Chinese Jabberwock Interesting article about translating Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to Mandarin
The Solar Website Article about optimizing your site to consume less power and powering a site on solar. Site is sometimes offline because of this (lol). IDK if I could ever do that for this site and still maintain the aesthetics I want, but maybe a cool idea for a future project?


Link Notes
42Lolita Taobao shopping service for lolita that I've had good experience with
Lacemarket Secondhand lolita shopping
Warungbeads Jewelry supply store
Manto Fev Craft supply store with quirky items, has vintage and flea market sections
Pittsburgh Creative Reuse Secondhand craft store
Make and Mend More secondhand craft supplies

Personal Sites

Link Notes
Cool art and COOL PERSON!!! Yuri comrade in arms
Personal site of a gay couple that includes their writing, relationship history, and the best archive of the comics of Gerard P. Donelan I've found. Their visualization of their site as a house was a big inspiration for this site.
Crimson Reflections Blog about lolita culture, news and history
Stephano (Buttcape) Lolita blog
Interesting writing I want to follow
The Satyrs' Forest A lot of interesting content: writing, art, cool links
A super fun site to explore (I really like the petsite and real life pet pages!)
Interesting writing on a lot of different topics
Super cute pixelart
Really cool site layout, games, fun to explore!
Cool info about web communities and pixel art content
Their comic (online afterlife) is REALLY good. Also has blog posts about art that really resonate with me.
I've been following Bechno Kid's Pokemon art for a long time (since...HS...) and I'm so glad to have found them again!
Really stunning pixelart and site! It feels like a lot of love and effort was put into pixelling as much as possible for the site, which I admire and aspire towards
I love a website that embraces skeuomorphism especially in the form of a house (obviously). I love the dolls and the labyrinth game!
A website full of fun pages of things the webmaster loves
It is SO cool this site is flavored like you are walking through a town and the art slaps
Elegant and insp layout, good art, interesting writing
Cool art and a fun to explore site!
Charming pixelart + thoughtful writing on life, the web, accessibility, and video games
Useful and thought-provoking writing on web dev and accessibility, site tools, and good art!
Monastery of St. Blamensir Website themed like a location with a medieval aesthetic??? yessss. This site was SO fun to explore and get lost in! Full of cool projects, art, fashion, recipes, etc
A lovely and dreamy castle to explore
I love looking through sites packed with joy and enthusiasm! Also the sculpture page is very cool
Good art, and useful links to art resources and insps
STRML Neat homepage and cool way to use the web as a medium for art