Flight Rising

Title & Link Archive.org Link Date Notes
Profile link August 20, 2019 You know what? I'm really proud of my FR lair. My lore, dragon profiles full of commissioned art, curated hibden with lore, UMA collection. It belongs here too!
Goblincat's Skins and Accents link December 17, 2019 My pride and joy! Designing UMAs around pre-existing lineart and figuring out how to break it was where the bulk of my artistic energy went to in those years.
Carrefour Inn link March 18, 2020 Co-run by my friend FancyFliers and still active!
Spirit Seers link April 9. 2020 -
[LIGHTNINGDOM] Bug Fixers Needed! link May 8, 2021 See all the sprites here!
Pixel Angel Gatcha Designs link November 6. 2020 You can see some of the sprites on my character design page! I believe I also found some of the original imgur albums here and here.
SNAKE GATCHA link December 12, 2020 All sprites here


Title & Link Archive.org Link Date Notes
Profile - (DV doesn't show profiles unless you're logged in, and I think this affects wayback machine) June 23, 2020 This profile slaps too actually. It was coded by Aly#1293!
gc's art hoard - (WOOPS! Wayback machine also can't see forum threads on DV! whyyyy) June 23, 2020 Thank god DV had a culture of recording all the art you do in one thread, that makes things SO MUCH EASIER
Goblincat's Designs/Adopts - August 4, 2020
Eurydice's Tarot Gatcha - July 18, 2020 My fav event I've run in terms of art. I remember being trapped in an extremely hot kitchen during the summer of 2020, hyper from a root beer float, powering through making literally 22 unique paintings for this. Tumblr post with the first deck of cards here
Deirdre's Armory & Pawn Shop - September 3, 2020 See art here
A Nest of Magic Eggs - November 6. 2020 The site I made for this event is here (if you want to try, do 16, FRUIT or 12, BLOOD). See all sprites here.
approach a summoning circle - October 3, 2020 -