Abandoned Projects

A chilly gust of air nearly knocks you over as you open the door and step out into the project graveyard.

Even though these projects are in a graveyard, it doesn't mean they're dead! All of these share one similarity: They were ambitious and despite not being finished, they challenged and taught me a lot of stuff that I carried into future projects.
I guess that means they're ghosts...

Screenshot of a top-down game featuring a small cat in a field

Warrior cats game


Made in Glitch, using phaser3 and socket.io. The goal was to make a game where you could log in, choose your cat's appearance and name, and walk around and chat. It was SUPER ambitious for someone who was VERY new to phaser3 and anything involving interacting with a server. Stopped because I found the moment two players entered the game, even if they were on the same computer, the game slowed down to a CRAWL. I couldn't figure out how to optimize it while still keeping the spirit of the game, so it got shelved. Not all was lost though - I used my experience with Phaser and making a login system to create Turnip Time!

Pictured: Screenshot of the game after you sign up and log in

Screenshot of a set of folders and html, js, and css files

Shelved HTML horror game

Probably 2020?

A choose-you-own adventure made in Glitch. I planned it to look lik a regular webpage, complete with fake ads (that would turn creepy as you progressed). I learned how to store data in cookies also to save progress in the game. Programmed a lot of the logic and built the frame, but never populated it with art and text.

Pictured: Page structure that shows the places you could explore

a skull
Screenshot of a test webpage index that shows a counter and the date

World Egg

Probably 2020 or 2021?

A year-long event where site visitors would come and take care of 12 eggs, with one hatching per month. Made in Glitch. This didn't get far at all (I think I only got to the point of figuring out how to store data) but this is actually a good idea actually and I should do it...

Pictured: Screenshot of the index- I don't even remember if I designed this or if this was the glitch template

A bald BJD with blue robes

Falin Cosplay

August 2022

I had a big vision for a Red Dragon!Falin cosplay with feather wings, a big red skirt, and a tiny Marcille BJD I'd carry around. TBH it was way above my level and I wasn't connecting with it at all, but the final nail on the coffin was Marcille's Dungeon Lord chapter coming out because I wanted to cosplay that way more. I still have a couple tiny bald Marcille dolls though!

Pictured: Marcille doll!

Designs for two characters in two different modern outfits

Incomplete Comic ("Tam Lin")

December 2021

A comic I completely scripted and started drawing before switching to my current long-form comic project. This one was very personal and contained ways of visualizing my adult life/narrativisations that I still use, but was honestly too depressing to devote potentially years of work to.

Pictured: Character concept art

An image that says 'No pictures'

Blog Post System


My first shot at working on this website was after Twitter blew up. I wanted to move away from social media to my own site, but couldn't think of a better way to display content than the microblog/posting format. So, I made a frontend posting system, a database in MySQL, and learned how to make them talk to each other. Super cool! Except that 1) it was super super complicated and slow-going and 2) learned that Neocities allows any viewer to access any page of your site, so a backend to post stuff couldn't be super secure. Woops!

No pictures because everything is now offline and I can't log into it LOL