Title & Link Notes
Her Tale of Shim Chong One of my favs
Qualia the Purple One of my favs
The Conditions of Paradise Morishima Akiko is one of my fav authors, pls read all her work
How Do We Relationship -
Sora & Haena -
Dallae -
a bouquet of flowers


Title & Link Notes
Gunnerkrigg Court -
Vattu -
Lady of the Shard I reread this comic once a year, that's how much I like it.
Cursed Princess Club One of my favs!
Gourmet Hound One of my favs!
Shootaround One of my favs!
Heir's Game -
Tiger Tiger -
Ava's Demon -
Superpose -
Brainchild -
Alice and the Nightmare -
Daughter of the Lilies -
Never Satisfied -
Star Trip One of my favs!
Awkward Zombie One of my favs since middle school!
On a Sunbeam -
Come Hell or High Water -
Hurt/Comfort I recommend all of BB Wolfclaw's comics actually!
Yellowcake changed my brain chemistry
A Refreshing Summer -
How to Love -
O Human Star One of my favs!
Vainglorious -
Lackadaisy -
The Pirate & the Princess -
Djinn One of my favs! The original version is free online, and you can support the author through the link in the title. I read the translated version on Mangadex, but I feel OK posting here because I also subscribed to the author's afdian (works similar to patreon?).